My name is Peter Webscott, and I write and take photographs. This blog is a record of some of my travels in words and pictures, and related stories. I am a Russian speaker and long-standing student of its literature and history.

Just four years ago (who did I leave it so long?) I went to Greece for the very first time and fell in love with the country. So now I’m learning Greek  and am also very interested in Greek life and culture.

And I blog about anything else that I feel like from time to time.

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    • Hi Rona,
      Many thanks for your comment and suggestions. I like the look of Small Crime – I need to find and find the full version. I also really need films with the subtitles. I have tried Finos’s A greek woman in the harem, but the dialogue is so fast It’s very hard to catch.

      How did (do) you learn Greek?

      Kind regards,


  1. Hello Peter, I just want to say thanks for posting your wonderful photos of the angels below the Theotokos in Chora. I’m a student on Aidan Hart’s diploma course (www.icondiplomastudent.wordpress.com) and planning to study these angels in preparation for painting two angels, (Michael and Raphael) on the doors of a small triptych as part of my submission. I have decent images of five of these angels from Aidan, but have been looking out for the others and you have helped greatly – please may I print off your photos to refer to? If you know of any books or websites which give any more info on these, I would be delighted to hear from you! Many thanks Ronnie Cruwys

    • Hi Ronnie,
      Thanks for your kind words. The photographs were taken in less than ideal circumstances: the light was difficult, I didn’t have a tripod with me and there were lots of visitors coming into the church in waves. I would be happy for you to use my pics as reference material. Let me know when you have finished them as I would love to see how they turn out. Unfortunately I don’t know of any books or websites on the Chora, although I looked for material when I came back to enhance my understanding of what I had seen. I did buy a guide book at the Church which had some good photographs, but the text is rubbish. It’s translated from Turkish into a language only distantly related to English.

      I really admire the drawings on your blog. They are beautifully done and you are very talented. I can’t draw at all, so photography is the closest I can get to any form of creative endeavour.
      Kind regards,

      • Hello Peter,
        Thats very kind of you to let me use the photos. Thank you. It’s hard to take photos of domes at the best of times and I think yours are very good.

        I will be happy to let you see how the icons progress, though it may take me several attempts before I do anything reasonable. The streets scenes are so easy compared with icon painting!

        You write and post some interesting pieces and of best of all, your photos!

        Your blog came up through my search for Chora Byzantine Angels! Looking forward to reading more in future. Thanks and best wishes, Ronnie

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