West Woods bluebells

A few bluebell shots from a late afternoon shoot at West Woods near Marlborough, Wiltshire. I have never seen so many of these delicate beauties in one place it felt physically overwhelming. Paradoxically the sheer mass of them made it hard to find a decent angle to try to capture them adequately.

As ever, this sort of photography is a puzzle looking for a satisfying solution that is not obvious. I stopped shooting and walked around looking and waiting for an angle to arise subconsciously. Often, as here, the subconscious motive is an impulse to find some sort of pattern, to make sense of something that is overwhelming me, in this case a mass of colour.


One thought on “West Woods bluebells

  1. I would love to be in England to see these some time. We simply don’t have stands like this, I think of it as very British!

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