Somerset hedge laying

Out for a drive on top of the Mendips I came across this beautifully laid hedge.

I would have loved to photograph it being done, as it’s such a fine country craft. It takes great skill to work with what you’ve got in the hedge and lay it in – you can’t add anything.

What control you need to judge how hard to cut into the stems, so you can bend them just enough without cutting through them completely. It needs a steady hand, a good eye and a lot of experience.

I would like to go back later next year and shoot it again as it grows.

As an exercise in photography it’s quite difficult to get good shots out of it, avoiding a road and the telegraph poles in the field. The attraction is mainly in the varying pattern of lines,  but I welcome the discipline of trying to make myself look harder and let what is there emerge from the landscape.

Hedge laying-9

Hedge laying-2

Hedge laying

Hedge laying-8

Hedge laying-6

Hedge laying-7

Hedge laying-4

Hedge laying-3




3 thoughts on “Somerset hedge laying

  1. Thank you for posting these beautiful shots. I am an enthusiastic amateur hedgelayer based in Lancashire where the style is almost identical to Somerset. The hedge has obviously been laid by someone who knows what they are doing. Best wishes. Ann

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