Istanbul seafood

Fish stall in Istanbul

Fish stall in Istanbul

One of my favourite food memories of Istanbul are the fish grills down by the Galata Bridge.

Galata Tower

Crossing the road from the New Mosque at the start of Friday prayers, the appetising smell of grilled fish gets stronger the closer you get to the bridge. There’s a crowd of people milling around and sitting at little tables in front of floating grills, eating long rolls filled with fish and salad leaves.

Fish grill 3

The little grill boats, which bob and sway on the sea, are extravagantly decorated and their staff smartly dressed in gold and black uniforms.

Fish grill

Closer up the fish looks like mackerel:

Fish grill 2

A shame that I have had a very substantial breakfast this morning. Just another good reasons for coming back to Istanbul. Often now when I smell fish on the barbecue it reminds me of this scene and an extraordinary city.

New Mosque