Review of 2013 posts

Looking at my WordPress stats for last year, I was surprised to find that 4 out of my top 5 most visited posts were actually written in 2012. Perhaps my writing is getting worse!

My posts on Byzantium and Istanbul are still popular, but I am really pleased that the post on my visit to Montaigne’s Tower has been popular too. I really enjoyed my visit to the estate at St Michel de Montaigne and writing the post using many of the record shots of my visit.

I was also surprised to find that while I wrote 70 posts in my first year, I only wrote about 30 last year. I will try to blog more often this year– providing I can find something interesting to blog about.

So the top 5 blog posts in 2013 were:

  1. Islamic art and the mosques of Istanbul
  2. Byzantine Imperial Mosaics
  3. Reading the world – visiting Montaigne’s Tower
  4. And then they came to the holy city of Byzantium – Haghia Sophia 3
  5. Mystras: last outpost of Byzantium  – the Palaces of the Despots

Happy 2014!

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