Walking for the sake of it

Today is the first day I have had a proper walk for ages. The weather here has been so wet and cold that it hasn’t encouraged me to get out and about. Well, maybe that’s my excuse for being lazy.

But today it is at last like a summer’s day. Warm sun, blue sky and big cotton wool clouds. It even smells like summer: scents of unidentified flowers, mown grass, warm earth.

As I step out of the house I suddenly remember the free app I downloaded some time ago and have never used. A pedometer. So I give it a go. I have tried them before the advent of smart phones, but was always put off by having to measure the length of an average stride and keep the thing clipped on a belt. Just too much of a faff. But for the app, you tap the start button and that’s it. It tracks your route by GPS (give or take about 35m), how far you walk, the number of steps, calories burnt, speed and average speed.

There are some days when you just have to give the mind a rest and let the body, straining at its leash like an untrained puppy, have its day. This enforced period of no exercise has made me feel stale and uncreative. I find that ideas flow better when there’s some exercise built into my day.

I’m not totally convinced that the pedometer is working, so about half way round my circuit I stop and check up on it. It seems to be OK and the figures look plausible.

Back home I capture my stats and transfer them from the pedometer to my diary: steps – 4946; distance – 3.925 km; calories – 205.3; time – 55.36 mins; speed – 5.4 km/hr; average speed – 4.2 km/hr.

So 10,000 steps (the amount the health police at one point were advising us to walk per day) is about two hours walking at my pace.

Hope this is not going to become an obsession…


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