The Summer – a short reminder

With all the rain we have had in the past few weeks in England, I have started to forget what the sun looks like and that this is our summer. My Greek teacher, Maria, told me this morning that there are a lot of Greek songs about the summer and the sun. You only have to do a quick search on You Tube to get pages of them up.

This strikes me as odd, because the Greeks see far more of the sun than we do. It’s not even as if they have been missing it. In fact, you would think that they would have a hankering for the cooler weather and a bit of relief from the sweltering heat and dazzling light.

On the other hand, I am not aware that us northern Europeans – sun-deprived, rain-sodden forest dwellers that we are – have any songs about summer and a longing for the sun. (I do not count The sun has got his hat on…) Why should that be? Where are the songs expressing our yearning for a bit of sun? Perhaps the Nordic countries which seen even less of the sun than we do in England are better at this than we are. Certainly in Sweden they seem to be prone to a bit of hypermania in the short summer season (midsummer madness).

Perhaps, from bitter experience, in England we know that singing about it is not going to improve the weather nor bring on the sunshine. With our luck on the weather front, it might in fact only make matters worse: turn the downpour into a cataract, for example. We have become resigned to the weather as it is. So in the continuing absence of the cheering summer sunshine or even a song to encourage it to appear, here are some of my photographs of Greece (all taken in the Peloponnese).

Enjoy warming your hands on the reflected heat!

Kalo Kalokairaki! (Have a good summer!)


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