The Swans of Wells

Diamond Jubilee Mosaic – St Thomas Street, Wells

Wells in Somerset is celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee with a public art event featuring 60 swans, one for each year of the Queen’s reign. The Swans have all been sponsored by local firms, organisations and individuals, but the interesting thing is that they have been turned into an individual works of art.

Why swans? Wells has a thirteenth century Bishop’s Palace with a moat and swans on the moat have been a familiar sight in the city for centuries. They are also a royal bird, as the crown owns all unmarked swans in open waters.

Here are just a few that I captured over the past couple of days:

The next , one of my favourites, is entitled ‘Up before the beak’.

Here’s the black swan, Odile:

Even Le Petit Prince makes an appearance:

Here’s ‘Shelley’ by Candace Bahouth:

And finally my favourite, so simple and elegant, the Bishop’s Swan (Guinevere). It’s hard to improve on the original.

The Bishop’s Swan is accompanied by a beautiful poem written by the sculptor, Ian Marlow;


4 thoughts on “The Swans of Wells

  1. These pictures are amazing. My son and I enjoyed a lovely day looking at these swans but as he’s only 2 he didnt have the patience to wait while I took photos. Looking at your pictures was a joy for both him and me.

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